Lease services

GREEN LOGISTICS also provides innovative lease services for customer’s own warehouse activities and deliver any of following services:
Dedicated warehouse space rent
Office rent
Warehouse machines rent (electrical and manual pallet trucks, reach trucks, cleaning machines, foiling machines etc.)
Warehouse equipment rent (rack systems all types, work tables, scales and etc.)
Warehouse empties rent (standard plastic and wooden euro-pallets rent per day, hygiene plastic crates and big-PVC boxes etc.)
Warehouse IT equipment rent (mobile scanners, specialized heavy duty and label printers and etc.)
Warehouse consumables sale (all type of hi-tech pallet foils for specific goods, branded/security/temperature tape, labels etc.)
Solutions for garbage utilization (organic and separated foils, paper, metal, wood)
Solutions for facility management
Leasing of trained personnel for warehouse operations, independent inventories, VAS

HOW it works leasing services for warehouse activities:
You share with us your demands for organizing your own warehouse activates and we provide a solution.
You pay a rent fee and we provide the necessary warehouse equipment, machine, solution, as well as we will train your personnel how to use it as well as we ensure the maintenance service.
You pay a service fee and our teams will deliver anything necessary for organizing your own warehouse operations – consumables, facility management, garbage utilization.
We can provide trained personnel on a short-term base, which you can use to meet peeks in your warehouse activities.
You focus on your core business and you can lease us to deliver, organize and provide expertise solution necessary for your own operations in the most efficient way.

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