Warehouse is situated in Sofia, close to East Arc of Sofia Ring Road, between both highways to Varna and Bourgas
5000 ppl in 2 chambers for ambient-conditioned (with geo-thermal system) food and non-food storage, equipped with rack systems
1400 ppl in 8 chambers for chilled and deep-freeze food storage, 400 sq.m. picking zones
1000 ppl, 6 chambers and 1 200 sq.m. with special temperature-controlled systems and surfaces, licensed for pharmaceuticals storage and manipulation
800 ppl, 900 sq.m. in 2 chambers for archive storage
800 sq.m. office spaces and sanitary rooms
3000 sq.m. parking lot
24/7 security and SOT service and facility management
6 hydraulic loading/unloading docks; 1 heavy-duty 1.4 tons elevator, reaching 4 warehouse floors; ground warehouse access
We provide Rent, Cross-dock, Storage, Packaging, Labeling as well as Offices and Parking
Suitable for Food and Non-food, Pharmaceuticals, Beverages, Equipment, Documents Archives, Ambient-conditioned and Temperature controlled and Deep-freeze stock

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