GREEN LOGISTICS as full portfolio warehouse activities leasing operator provides for its customers following outsourced services:
warehouse space rent
office rent
warehouse machines rent (electrical and pallet trucks, reach trucks, cleaning machines, foiling machines etc.)
warehouse equipment rent (rack systems all types, tables, scales and etc.)
warehouse empties rent (standard plastic and wooden euro-pallets rent per day, hygiene plastic crates and big-PVC boxes etc.)
ICT rent (mobile scanners, specialized heavy duty and label printers and etc.)
warehouse consumables sale (all type of hi-tech pallet foils for specific goods, branded/security/temperature tape, labels etc.)
Garbage utilization (organic and separated foils, paper, metal, wood)
Washing and snow-cleaning of parking lots, grass cutting of green areas
Leasing of trained personnel for warehouse operations, independent inventories, VAS

GREEN LOGISTICS currently operates:


3 200 pallet places in Sofia, close to West Arc of Sofia Ring Road
500 sq.m. air-conditioned offices in 2 levels in 12 rooms with independent floor access
3500 sq.m. parking space with option for outside open-air storage
24/7 security and SOT service
Separate office electricity measuring devices
Facility management
4 hydraulic loading/unloading docks
1 hydraulic scissor ramp for unloading vans
1 small vehicles unloading dock
1 ground warehouse access
Suitable for storage and cross-dock of food, non-food, equipment, chocolate, sweets and
beverages, alcohol, document archives
We provide Rent, Cross-dock, Storage, Packaging, Labeling as well as Offices and Parking


Warehouse is situated in Sofia, close to East Arc of Sofia Ring Road, between both highways to Varna and Bourgas
5000 ppl in 2 chambers for ambient-conditioned (with geo-thermal system) food and non-food storage, equipped with rack systems
1400 ppl in 8 chambers for chilled and deep-freeze food storage, 400 sq.m. picking zones
1000 ppl, 6 chambers and 1 200 sq.m. with special temperature-controlled systems and surfaces, licensed for pharmaceuticals storage and manipulation
800 ppl, 900 sq.m. in 2 chambers for archive storage
800 sq.m. office spaces and sanitary rooms
3000 sq.m. parking lot
24/7 security and SOT service and facility management
6 hydraulic loading/unloading docks; 1 heavy-duty 1.4 tons elevator, reaching 4 warehouse floors; ground warehouse access
We provide Rent, Cross-dock, Storage, Packaging, Labeling as well as Offices and Parking
Suitable for Food and Non-food, Pharmaceuticals, Beverages, Equipment, Documents Archives, Ambient-conditioned and Temperature controlled and Deep-freeze stock


Storage under temperature controlled regime
Our warehouse has 5 separate refrigerated chambers with independent temperature-control management between -25 and +5 degrees Celsius.
Total capacity of 3500 pallet places on rack system, situated in 1500 sq.m.
Ambient warehouse
150 sq.m. chamber with ambient environment with a capacity of 300 pallet places
Docking system
Our facility has 4 hydraulic ramps and 2 static ramps, which provide the option to dock 4 big trucks of 25 tons
We provide Rent, Cross-dock, Storage, Value-added services, Offices and Parking
Suitable for Food and Non-food Ambient, Temperature controlled and Deep-freeze stock

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